Assessing My Current State of Leadership and Setting Leadership Development Goals

What is my CSL?

Beings I have done so many leadership exercises in class, I have decided to paint a portrait in words of what my current state of leadership looks like. When I took the CFV test, my result was compete. This means I am naturally active and energized, a producer and director, work hard, and aim to be the best. By reading through the FSL, I identify very well with authentic engagement, responsible freedom, and detached interdependence. More recently I took the “what motivates me?” survey. From this I have learned that I am motivated by activities in which I will gain some sort of reward. Similarly, I enjoy activities only if they will lead to my personal happiness and enjoyment.

I learned previously in the semester about my personality by taking the big 5-personality test. According to the test, I am an introvert, very open to experiences, but need to work on my emotional stability. As far as confidence goes, tests show that I believe in myself very much, so much so that I can be hard on myself when I fail. When I asked others for their input on my current leadership qualities, I surprisingly got all of the same feedback I did from completing the exercises in class (hard worker, passionate, but too hard on myself). Finally, in analyzing my most admired leader (my mother), I came to the realization that I admire her so much because she has the following leadership qualities I tend to lack: selflessness, reflectiveness, and self-control.

Overall, I am very energized and motivated as a leader when there is some sort of reward at steak. I would say that I rarely seek out leadership opportunities if there is nothing in it for me. That being said, I still care about others feelings and highly believe in respect in the workplace. As a leader I am very open to opinions and ideas of others as long as they will aid in achieving good performance. I am also very independent and not afraid to push competition out of the way. I naturally love being the smartest person, and want to be the best person in the workplace. Because of that I naturally lead and direct people, and genuinely believe I am the best person to do so. I am a very confident leader, but if I receive criticism or fail, it crushes me more than it should. Instead of accepting mistakes as natural and important to leadership growth, I take them as imperfections and degrading to performance. Another leadership quality I lack is the ability to be reflective and have self-control. In order to close these leadership gaps, I need to work on building interpersonal skills by involving myself more communication-oriented situations. Also, if I surround myself with people who have positive energy this may help stop me from being so hard on myself.

2 Leadership Development Goals

In order to develop my leadership to the next level I have come up with two goals that reflect my leadership vision of becoming a more effective and authentic leader and my CSL summary described above. The first goal I would like to establish is improving my interpersonal skills by volunteering myself in more face-to-face, communication-orientated situations. I believe this goal is measurable because it can be easily self-monitored. At first I may be uncomfortable, but as I keep pushing myself in to communication-oriented situations it will become easier and I will see progress in my interpersonal skills. This goal is attainable because it is not too hard. There are lots of opportunities in the community and workplace to involve myself in communication-oriented volunteer work. It is a time-bound goal because it is a skill I can acquire in a few moths time, as long as I volunteer my time constantly each week. This goal supports my leadership vision because interpersonal skills are absolutely necessary for becoming a more effective and authentic leader. Interpersonal skills means building relationships, and leading with heart, two things that I lack in my CSL.

The second goal I would like to establish is fining ways that will help me cope with failure so I am not so hard on myself. This goal is attainable because I simply want to find ways in which I can help myself not be so hard, not necessarily finding the solution just yet. It is measurable because as I find possible methods to cope, I can try them out and see what works and what does not while keeping a metal note of the results. This goal is time-bound because I can easily find and try out multiple methods in a span of six months. This goal supports my leadership vision of being a more effective and authentic leader because finding ways in which I can cope with my tendency to be hard on myself will allow me to lead more with purpose (organizations goals in mind), rather than leading on my own fear of failing.

Above in my CSL summary, the goals I described are actually formulated from the two leadership weaknesses I currently possess. Therefore, if I work hard and achieve theses goals they will help me develop in to a better leader. My goal is to fulfill these goals in no more than 6 months time, so I can re-evaluate where I stand as a leader, and reassess my goals semi-annually.


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