My Personality and My Authentic Leadership

My personality has always been a confusing subject matter to me. I know that everyone has a distinct personality, however I have a hard time trying to distinguish what my personality is. This is because I am one of those people who tend to change their personality to fit in with their surroundings. This assignment was a great opportunity for me to finally pinpoint some of my distinct personality traits and strengths to help me become a more effective, authentic leader.

The biggest thing I have learned from all of the personality test this assignment entailed me to complete is that I am an introvert, so in other words I am naturally reserved and uncomfortable with social gatherings. Knowing I am an introvert is good because building effective relationships is one of the major qualities of being and effective leader. So if I can focus on developing my social skills it will help me feel more comfortable communicating with others, ultimately leading me to become a good relationship builder. One way I can develop social skills is by going out of the way to talk with others as compared to just shutting myself off from people.

Passion capital was a term outlined in the previous assignment as being something that makes a good leader and contributes to success. Energy, intensity, and sustainability are the main components that make up passion capital, based on my personality results I would say that I naturally excel in the energy makeup of passion capitol. I have a very high intellect/imagination; meaning I have a lot of energy because I am very open to new experiences and adventure. My plan is to transfer the energy I have to others who might not have it or who might be lacking in it. I can do this by showcasing my work ethic and positive attitude, and by being a good example to others through these qualities. Energizing others will help me be an effective leader because positive energy spreads throughout a team like wildfire, motivating workers.

Another personality insight I had was that I am on the higher end of the grit scale, which means I am very strong in character, courageous, and passionate. Knowing that I have grit is great because it is such a respected quality and knowing I acquire grit gives me self-confidence. I plan on using this newfound confidence to push myself in to situations I am uncomfortable with. Even though it will be tough, grit means I will make decisions and learn and grow from them. In addition, putting myself in hard situations will help me gain more knowledge and experience, which are key requirements of a leader.

Overall I have learned that I am an introvert, motivated and energetic, and gritty. Although I would not deem all of these qualities as strengths, they can only help me develop my leadership skills to be a more effective and authentic leader.


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