Reflecting on My Personal Leadership Values and Vision


I have learned a lot about my leadership values through completion of the Rokeach and CVF surveys. I now realize that my terminal and instrumental values are very self-centered. My highest terminal values include health, freedom, and world at beauty; my lowest are equality, world at peace, and national security. My highest instrumental values include ambition, imaginative, and intellectual; my lowest are obedience, self-control, and cleanliness. Clearly, I value my safety and world beauty before the safety of others, I also value my reputation over anything else, including respect for others and cleanliness.

The Rokeach survey shocked me, so I concluded it wasn’t very accurate until I took the CVF survey. My CVF result was blue, which is Compete. This category means that that I am a director and a producer. I like motivating others, setting objectives, working fast and effectively, and I value hard work and my reputation. This ended up correlating between my Rokeach results because Compete involves more self-centered attitude than teamwork.

To further my personal leadership development I need to obtain certain leadership qualities I currently lack. First, I need to focus more on building relationships and being more open-minded. I also need to acquire flexibility, and internal orientation. Lastly, I must improve tough love because I am assertive and bold, but need to be compassionate and understanding. To gain the above qualities I will involve myself in charity/volunteer work that will put me in more team driven situations, and/or situations that involve collaborative group effort.

My Personal Leadership Vision:

I am the first to begin and end projects. My work is imaginative and optimal. High pressure- I thrive! I motivate and develop organizations.


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